Happy New Year! It has taken us a whole week to recover from all that was the New Year celebration and the days that followed. We are still dating the checks “2015”. We are experience 65 degree weather (18 degrees for our friends up north…and anywhere else outside the USA) in January. And now we’re starting mixing sessions with Belly Acres Studio in Pisgah, MD (SoMD, woot! woot!).

But this time last week we had the pleasure of performing at New Life in La PLata, MD (SoMD, woot! woot!) for their First Night celebration of New Year’s Eve, and we haven’t properly thanked them via the interwebs yet for letting us celebrate NYE with them. Here goes:

New Life, Thank you so much for letting Yellowtieguy perform for you at your First Night celebration. The band, and my family had an absolutely wonderful time. Everyone was very sweet to us, the food was delicious, and we met so many great people who volunteered their time to make the event possible. The whole night was especially meaningful for me because often the band has to travel far from home in order to be able to have the opportunity to perform the music we write, and we occasionally feel passed over with regards to opportunities that would be a good fit for us around home. You took us in. You showed your appreciation. And we are grateful. I hope that everyone that was in attendance enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there.

Daniel Warren Hill
Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocalist

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