Hey Everyone! Daniel Warren Hill here. You might remember me from such bands as Yellowtieguy…

Anyways, I just wanted to send a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful friends, fans, and family out there. We wouldn’t be able to rock without you!

We’re currently in the studio recording our second album, “Play on Words”. As you can probably tell, it’s taking some time. The good news is that we have some really great material that we’re excited for you to hear. The bad news is that with our schedules the way they have been, we’re not able to dedicate the time in the studio that we’d really like. In spite of that, we’re not going to rush through anything. We’re going to take our time and put out something that we can all be proud of and something that you’ll really enjoy.

We’ve met a ton of wonderful people while on various adventures. We recently went to Kentucky and Boston and had a really great time there. We’d love to plan for a spring/summer tour to get around to see some of our old friends and make some new ones. Fingers crossed.

I’ll try to be better about sharing more of what’s going on. Anytime you wanna drop us a line, we’d love to hear from ya. Just message us on Facebook or Twitter!