One of my biggest passions besides writing, recording, and releasing my own music, is the opportunity to share the passions of others. The band and I celebrate the contributions they make not only to our own artistic and creative endeavors, but their contributions to the artistic and creative endeavors of others as well as the industry as a whole. The work that local producers, engineers, directors, graphic artists, etc., are not just impactful locally, but have the ability to be seen, heard, and felt worldwide. 

Kenny is an incredible engineer. We really enjoyed tracking “I Cry” with him because so much of his workflow is happening while the tracks are being recorded. He has an ear for hearing the mix as it is coming together and the kinds of effects and ambience that a part or track needs in order to serve the song and begins applying his experience as the tracks are being stacked onto each other. We felt that after tracking “I Cry” with him he had a really good sense of what the band’s desired direction for the sound and feel of future recordings would be and we’ve continued to seek his perspective on the additional mixes from The Inevitable Unexpected including “Information” and most recently “Misery” which hits your ear waves at midnight EST January 22, 2021!  This is our full interview with Kenny, filmed right after we finished tracking “I Cry” in the studio all the back in February of 2019.

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