Howdy folks,

We’ve been pretty busy with recording our next album, touring, and increasing the number of yellow ties in our tie rack. We’ve been long overdue to leave some official message of what’s been going on, and we’re sorry it’s been so long, but we’ll try to update you on everything.


We’ve played some amazing shows and performed with some wonderful people. We just played the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC, and a camp-out adventure with music and gaming festival junkies MAGFest.

We went north to Boston and west to Kentucky back in April. We’re doing it again starting this week, but we adding a trip to New Orleans to the mix. We’ve desperately been wanting to be able to set up some significant travel routes along the east coast, and we’ve done a pretty good job of laying groundwork for future shows, making new friends, and growing our fanbase one at a time.

We recently reached 1,000 likes on Facebook. I think the only reason it’s important is because we’ve had the opportunity to meet just about every person that has added to our Facebook presence, and people mean the world to us. I imagine it will get harder to recognize everyone once the numbers get larger!


We started recording tracks for our next album, “Play On Words”, back at the beginning of the year, and we’ve been slowly but surely adding to our original efforts. We’re taking our time with this release. We rushed our first album during the recording process. It came out great, but we really wanted to be a little more patient with this next album. A song that we’ve played live for sometime now, “First Move”, will probably be the first single out of the gate. We’re as excited to see the album finished as you are but, trust us, it will be worth the wait!

Lineup Change

We had started making arrangements for YTG drummer Ralf Madrigal to exit Yellowtieguy when he expressed his desire to leave the Washington DC area. We love Ralf. We loved having him as a part of the growth of the band, and we know he will do great and wonderful things. We’d love the opportunity to play with him again if doors open up. His role has been filled by former Love Rub & The Chocolate Delight guitarist and vocalist Steve Syzbowski.

In Conclusion
We’ll do our best to be in better touch. Truth be told, we probably spend more time on Facebook than we should…so chances are, if ya can’t find what you’re looking for here, come on over to and have a look, drop us a line, say hello!

We love all of you, and that’s the God to honest truth. (Have you heard our new song “The Rules of the Game” on our Acoustic in April 2014 EP?