“Misery” at its core is about the struggle between doing what feels right for yourself and doing right by others. Like many YellowTieGuy songs it seeks to encourage empathy by exploring multiple points of view using a traditional pop-style song structure, rock & roll rhythms and melodies, with thought provoking lyrics.. “I want anything except what’s right for me if what I want should cause you misery,” would be a heartfelt sentiment that under any circumstance would change the world in a positive way if more individuals would put it into practice. In today’s COVID-19 environment, it might be compared to how wearing a mask in public is not merely about protecting ourselves, but being thoughtful towards the health and safety of others who might be more at risk of complications from exposure.

The band would have the pleasure of recording “Misery” in the home studio of YellowTieGuy keyboardist Kyle Crosby, who happens to be the former Sound of Music’s (Richmond, VA) primary Studio B engineer. The track is mixed by Kenny Kingsborough who owns Harbour Red Studios in Baltimore, Maryland; and mastered by YTG’s own Daniel Warren Hill, who also has a background in audio production.