This New Years Eve, the district will have a variety of experiences to choose from that each offer something different. Well, why choose just one type of event when you can be a part of an event that offers a little bit of everything? The Treehouse Lounge in NE is hosting the Alchemical Records: Alchemy Extravaganza New Years Eve Party featuring live music, comedy, and burlesque.. Music will be performed by mixed genre acts like Yellowtieguy, Joe Rathbone & The Mercy Alliance, Gallons to Ounces, and Johari. The show will feature the broken word poetry of Hundred Dollar Bill,  as well as the comedy styles of Mariya Alexander  and Tyler Richardson. Burlesque performances by local favorite Private Tails will be spread out throughout the evening. The event features special guest emcee, Christian Hunt, of the Capital City Showcase. Located around the corner from Gaudette University, the Treehouse, which is offering a number of drink specials for the event, is a newly renovated venue often featuring local, regional, and national musical acts. Doors open at seven-thirty, and the show starts at eight!


What: Alchemical Records’ New Years Eve Extravaganza

When: December 31st. 8 pm

Where: Treehouse Lounge. 1006 Florida Avenue NE Washington DC 20002

Yellowtieguy – Musician

Joe Rathbone & The Mercy Alliance -Musician

Johari – Musician

Gallons to Ounces – Musician

$100 Bill  – Broken Word Poet

Mariya Alexander – Comedian

Tyler Richardson – Comedian

Private Tails – Burlesque

Christian Hunt – Guest MC/Promoter