After many years, painstaking editing process, and a long-needed haircut to the lead vocalist, YellowTieGuy have finally completed the Official “Anthem” Music Video! We couldn’t be more excited! If you’re into the details, see below, and share the link to the video already!

Official Music Video for the hit song “Anthem” by Waldorf, MD (Washington DC area) Alt-Rock band YellowTieGuy. (

Filmed at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge in Annapolis, MD by Flixation Media. Directed by Taylor Wyscarver.

Anthem written by Daniel Warren Hill
Performed by YellowTieGuy
Guitar, Vocals- Daniel Warren Hill
Drums – Stephen Syzbowski
Bass – Mary Celeste
Guitar – Jason McKinney

Special guests include:
Spencer Joyce
Samantha Seddon
Hundred Dollar Bill
Daniel Ouellette
Dan Gregory

Dotting my “i”s and crossing my “ts” have left me stranded in the middle of the desert
Minding my “p”s and minding my “q”s have left me thirsty in the middle of the ocean

But it will not always be like this

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and that’s fine for your destination
But those of us who like to wander, what awaits us at the end of our journey

Copyright 2016 by Daniel Warren Hill (
Released by ThornHill Records via Alchemical Records ( April 15, 2016. Published by Endurance Match Publishing 2016.
All Rights Reserved