Yellowtieguy will perform at 12:00 Noon at the Hard Rock Cafe, 610 10th St NW # 200, Washington, D.C., DC 20001

Pink Jams! add a pop of PINK this September in honor of the Cafe’s 14th annual PINKTOBER™ breast cancer awareness campaign.

From 8PM on September 27th and running through 12PM on September 29th, a wide variety of local, regional, and national musicians will play back to back continuously for 39 hours and 59 minutes.  The event will benefit PINK JAMS!, an organization that focuses on raising breast cancer awareness for men and women under the age of 40. The event will also support City of Hope’s breast cancer research and treatment programs.

Over 200 local artists will combine their talents to draw attention to the importance of breast cancer awareness for women and for men – particularly those under the age of 40.

$20 -General Admission (40 hours of music beginning at 8PM on Friday evening, September 28).   Less than $1 per hour of music! Includes admission for Friday evening beginning at 8PM through Sunday except headliners (tickets sold separately). General admission ticket holders are free to come and go throughout the event.

For a full lineup and schedule visit

Artists scheduled:

Scott Kurt, Sam Grow, Phillip Noss, Margot MacDonald, Flo Anito, Accidents, Josh Urban, Sudden M Pac Band, Alleghany St., Jonny Grave and the Tombstones, Alex Culbreth, Slampiece!, Jason Mendelson, Rogue Mind, Tiger Gilliam, Kate Moran Band, Johari, Charles the Hammer, Matthew James Scott, Moch Pryderi, Finley Martin, Stolen Camaros, Time Police, The Keens, Rachel Levitin, Neon Laces, Yellowtieguy, Hot Tub Limo, Sheltered Turtle, James Britton, Becca Levy, Noise in the Basement, The Vagabond Union, Story Street, Driven to Clarity, Don Kim, the dreamscapes project, Rites of Ash, Amaretto Meltdowns, The Scapes, Throwing Wrenches, Burntsystems, Mark Scott, The Metrotones, Joe Maye, Classified Frequency, Andy Branigan, Hybrid Baby, Mike Bowers, Nature Boy Explorer, Brittany Jean, FUJANk, Evan Polisar, Bay Jazz Project, Tanya Dallas-Lewis, Laurel Canyon, CD Porter, Donte Young,  Divine Creation, The Braes, Chanssez, Chris Behrmann, Joe Comer