By now, some of you know the real story behind how the name Yellow Tie Guy came to be. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to ask us at a show sometime. It was suggested by our fans that we tell a different story behind the yellow tie every time someone asks us. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

While on safari in India, our guide was attacked by a tiger. With only the tools in our packs to use in defense of the attack, one of our members rushed toward the tiger with the only thing readily at hand, a length of yellow rope, and proceeded to jump on the tiger’s back! They started to tie the rope around the tiger’s neck, body, and limbs until the tiger was immobilized, saving the guide’s life. The locals saw the brave actions of our band member and shouted, “Yellow Tie Guy”, in honor of the heroic deed.

One time as a child, one of our band members was being bullied on a school bus to the point where the band member rushed to the front of the school bus seeking help. The bully pursued. And while travelling at a speed of 45 miles per hour, the bully attempted to open the doors of the bus and push our band member off. At the same moment the other students on the bus wrestled the bully to the ground, our band member slipped off the edge of the steps of the bus, and would have fallen to their doom, if not for a yellow ribbon hanging from the railing. The band member was able to pull themselves to safety, and we all wear yellow ties to commemorate the good fortune of the life saving ribbon.